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Welcome to The World According To Briggs! Here on this channel, you'll find travel/comedy/information type Top 10 lists about places. Mostly places in the United States, and occasionally in Europe

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Have you ever wondered about a town, city, or state? Have you thought about relocating? Want to know where you shouldn't raise a family? If yes the World According to Briggs is the YouTube channel for you. Information and travel videos with humor.



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My name is Briggs, I am the creator and voice of The World According to Briggs on YouTube. I travel, I film, Let’s have a beer when I am in town.



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YouTube creator, veteran, husband, father, comedian, wearer of shoes, sexually mediocre, great credit, and Browns backer.



Things That Happened On This Day February 23rd

On this day videos take a look at days of the year and what happened on those days in history. We also like to look at famous births and deaths, as well as the movies released on each day covered. In a nut shell these videos give you a look back at headline news events from the past.

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Everyone has a story about their hometown. Where you are from is sometimes the most interesting story a person has. On this Podcast, you will hear those stories. Sometimes it will be narrated and sometimes it will a discussion. My name is Briggs and I am a traveling YouTuber. I travel the country and talk to people about their home town. These are the stories from America.

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Michael Chirichella

Always fun and thought-provoking. great for waiting rooms or when you're looking for a fun way to learn new facts.


Kevin Eilenberg

His videos are always fun to watch. A lot of fun facts & jokes... I recommend you following this channel if you love to travel and knowing our history around the USA!